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Trophy for Jan 11 vs Outlaws

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Tue Jan 12th 2016 4:30pm

Horse's Ass goes to Neil Filipino for his epic wipeout by stepping on the puck when he was trying to kick the puck up to himself for a potential breakaway

Trophy's for Jan 4/ 15

Posted by: Paul Frith on Tue Jan 05th 2016 1:44pm

Horses Ass goes to Repete! for screwing up Greg's beautiful pass. BRUTAL!!! (would have been a goal for sure...)

Trophies for Dec 29/15 vs Codgers

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Sun Jan 03rd 2016 5:28pm

The Belt goes to Jeff Berreth for being a playmaker and setting up everyone and also being a toe drag allstar

The Horse's Ass could of went to a few contenders but never was handed out soooo Greg gets it again

Trophies for Dec 8 vs Rednecks

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Thu Dec 17th 2015 6:51am

The Belt goes to Brandon Vandenberg, played like crap the whole game but had one good shot at the end
The Horse's Ass goes to Craig Lambert for having a epic spill and give away in our zone

Trophies for Dec 6 vs mulisha

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Tue Dec 08th 2015 11:26am

The Belt goes to Aaron Bablit for displaying extraordinary skill in the defensive position

The Horse's Ass goes to Shaun Lamb for giving away the puck for a breakaway goal against. Pretty much lost us the game

Last Game Result: Nov 12 2018

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Calmar Pistons 2 1 2 5
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Goal Scorers: Paul Frith (06:05 in 1st), Paul Frith (14:25 in 1st), Colby Vandenberg (23:25 in 1st), Craig Lambert (06:25 in 2nd), Aaron Bablitz (23:25 in 2nd), Craig Lambert (24:17 in 2nd), Craig Lambert (09:05 in 3rd), Kurt Horneman (20:05 in 3rd), Paul Frith (24:05 in 3rd), John Griffiths (24:25 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Blake Slusarczyk (W)

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