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Trophies for Oct 20

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Sun Oct 25th 2015 9:42pm

The Belt - goes to Blake Slusarczyk for making some pretty big saves to keep the game close

The Horse's Ass goes to originally to Brandon V(aka Peanut)for having a really shitty game but was saved by Blake S by spilling his beer in the dressing room..... but Blake was saved by the top pick for the Norris Trophy Jeff Berreth cause he spilled the most beer in the dressing room. His Norris nomination will take a hit after this huge mistake

Trophy's for Oct 15 PISTONS

Posted by: Paul Frith on Sat Oct 17th 2015 2:01pm

Ass; Neil for tipping a beer can over in the dressing room & for tipping a puck into our net on the ice.

Belt; Jeff for being AWESOME! NORRIS!!

Trophies for Oct 14, BLADES

Posted by: Paul Frith on Wed Oct 14th 2015 8:43am

Horses Ass; Rich for the epic wipe out in front of our net

Belt: Brandon for a glorious shoot out dangle

Trophies for Oct 10, FUN TIMERS

Posted by: Paul Frith on Tue Oct 13th 2015 2:19pm

Horses Ass; AARON!!!!

Trophies for Oct 6, EVOLUTION

Posted by: Paul Frith on Wed Oct 07th 2015 10:06am

Horses Ass; AARON!!

Last Game Result: Mar 18 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
Leduc Merchants « 4 2 3 9
Rusty Nuts 2 2 2 6
Goal Scorers: Craig Lambert (06:05 in 1st), Craig Lambert (09:25 in 1st), Neil Filipic (06:05 in 2nd), Aaron Bablitz (09:17 in 2nd), Shaun Lamb (09:25 in 3rd), Paul Frith (24:17 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Blake Slusarczyk (L)

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Mon Mar 25th 2019 9:30pm
Game vs L.A. Raiders
at Calmar

Regular Season Leaders

Points Paul Frith 138
Goals Paul Frith 79
Assists Shaun Lamb 70
PIM Aaron Bablitz 33
SO Aaron Bablitz & Blake Slusarczyk 0
Wins Blake Slusarczyk 17
GAA Aaron Bablitz 6.29