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Winter roster

Posted by: Jeff Bartolomeo on Mon Oct 06th 2014 7:48pm

As of 10/24/14
Full time

1. Jeff Bart
2. Mike Krash
3. Matt Young
4. jason Alger
5. Joe Bish
6. Jason Buss
7. John Laursen (goalie)
8. Jeff Hackett
9. Kevin Ludwig
10. ????

Need one more full time player!

Brad Medford (part time)
Keith Galka (can sub, if needed)

Summer Season Sucked...

Posted by: Jeff Bartolomeo on Wed Sep 10th 2014 10:07am

Thanks for a great Summer Season.

Too bad Matt Young got hurt.

Hope to see you all back for the Winter Season!

Go Fish.

Summer Roster...

Posted by: Jeff Bartolomeo on Fri Apr 18th 2014 4:33pm

As of 5/8/2014...

Definite full time Summer players...

1. Matt Young (goalie)
2. Mike Krasher
3. Jeff Bartolomeo
4. Joe Bish
5. Kevin Ludwig
6. Nick Mikula
7. Jason Busschaert
8. Nate Collins
9. Matt Brockmeyer
10. Zach Schindler
11. Luke Schindler

12. Phil Tupper (playing w/the Upper Deckers this summer)
13. Jesse Hill (can't play this summer)
14. Cory Dion (sub)
15. Brad Medford (sub)
16. Jeff Hackett (sub)
17. Kyle Nelson (sub)


Posted by: Ron Brown on Sat Mar 08th 2014 12:41pm

Unbelievable Victory. Wasn't there, but f'in way to go. Finally beat the Silverbacks. That was the only teamwe never beat. I was at the Penn State - Wisconsin game at State College, but knew you guys had a game. I was there when you dudes beat the Buzz last time. Look pretty decent to me. You guys finish strong. Make the playoffs..you douche bags.

Goals and Assists on 2/10 against the Buzz...

Posted by: Jeff Bartolomeo on Wed Mar 05th 2014 12:50pm

Who scored against the Buzz on Feb 10th? I missed that game and I never got a score sheet.

Email me with info.

...tryin to keep the stats real for you fuggers.

Last Game Result: Sep 04 2014

Team 1 2 3 F
Average Joes « 2 2 1 5
Stripers 0 0 0 0
Goal Scorers: None
Goaltender: Andrew Wilkin (L)

Coming Up

Nothing Scheduled

Playoff Leaders

Points 12 Players Tied 0
Goals 12 Players Tied 0
Assists 12 Players Tied 0
PIM Andrew Wilkin 5
SO Andrew Wilkin 0
Wins Andrew Wilkin 0
GAA Andrew Wilkin 5.00

Regular Season Leaders

Points Matt Brockmeyer 16
Goals Matt Brockmeyer 12
Assists Zack Schindler 5
PIM 3 Players Tied 8
SO Andrew Wilkin & Matt Young 0
Wins Matt Young 2
GAA Matt Young 4.73