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stat sheet

Posted by: Luke Schindler on Wed Jul 03rd 2013 12:29am

Yeah ron there were some empty netters because matt caught a hard shot to the neck and couldnt play out the game.

Score Sheet

Posted by: Ron Brown on Mon Jul 01st 2013 12:33pm

Was looking over last score sheet..wanted to correctly do Matt's goals against....were there really 3 empty net goals..or an entry error. Who knows what happened there.

Stat update for FireFucker game

Posted by: Ron Brown on Fri Jun 28th 2013 7:52pm

Going with 7-3.......Luke's goal from me seems bogus...think it was Z from Luke...that did happen somewhere......I think Z scored last goal.....I guess it was 7-3...score keep is a toker. Hatreick for Zack..I guess...with Jesse getting two. Ryan for sure...Did Joe score. Why Jerry..Why!

Messed up stat sheet....GO FIGURE

Posted by: Ron Brown on Tue Jun 25th 2013 10:34am

Jeff sent me the copy, Here is what we got. Score 7-2...I thought it was 6-3. Don't remember who scored the late goal at end or anything about an empty neter. Somebody confirm. Ryans goal was in first period...not second period. Know that 4 a fact...not sure if it was the 1st or 2nd goal.. Luke had a goal in 2nd....real sure I didn't have an assist...Was it somebody else....Zack definetely had a goal off the faceoff from Luke in the 2nd...not even on score sheet...HELP ...ANYBODY..

1st per.....BCFD....2nd per Luke from Joe...2nd per Ryan (was really in 1st) 2nd per Jesse 2nd per Jesse from Kev 2nd per Luke from Ron (no assist for me that I remember...was it somebidy else) 2nd per Bish 3rd BCFD
3rd Zack.

Like I said....refs/score dude are retards. Still thought it was 6-3.

Scorecard BCFD v. Stripers

Posted by: Luke Schindler on Sun Jun 23rd 2013 12:17am

Goal 1: Zach (79) from Joe (22)
Goal 2: Ryan (9) Unassisted
Goal 3: Jessie (11) Unassisted
Goal 4: Jessie (11) from Kevin (43)
Goal 5: Luke (74) from Ron (18)
Goal 6: Joe (22) Unassisted
Goal 7: Zach (empty net) Unassisted

Last Game Result: Sep 04 2014

Team 1 2 3 F
Average Joes « 2 2 1 5
Stripers 0 0 0 0
Goal Scorers: None
Goaltender: Andrew Wilkin (L)

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Points 12 Players Tied 0
Goals 12 Players Tied 0
Assists 12 Players Tied 0
PIM Andrew Wilkin 5
SO Andrew Wilkin 0
Wins Andrew Wilkin 0
GAA Andrew Wilkin 5.00

Regular Season Leaders

Points Matt Brockmeyer 16
Goals Matt Brockmeyer 12
Assists Zack Schindler 5
PIM 3 Players Tied 8
SO Andrew Wilkin & Matt Young 0
Wins Matt Young 2
GAA Matt Young 4.73