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Final standing of the Dieppe Gentlemen's league Division B-1

Posted by: Brent Savoie on Wed Mar 09th 2016 10:55am

After 28 games, Team Supplement King finished the season in 8th place clinching a playoff spot with a win in their last game of the regular season.

They will now face the #1 seeded team, the Falcons, in a best-of-3 series for a chance to advance to the 2nd round.

The coach, Remi Maillet, and Waterboy, Marc Couture, said they are where they expected and are hoping will come together like they did against High seeded teams this season.

They expect the Falcons to play hard with their stick, the usual, and if the calls are made by the referees lots of powerplay time could help the team win this series.

Here's the Final Standing entering the playoffs:

Falcons: 15W 8L 5T 35PTS
Maringouins: 17W 11L 0T 34PTS
Sharks: 15W 10L 3T 33PTS
Hounds: 14W 10L 4T 32PTS
Mowbray: 14W 12L 2T 30PTS
Shockers: 13W 11L 4T 30PTS
East Coast: 10W 14L 4T 24PTS
Supp King: 11W 16L 1T 23PTS
Hawks: 8W 14L 6T 22PTS
PVC: 9W 16L 3T 21PTS

Supp King vs Falcons
East Coast vs Maringouins
Shockers vs Sharks
Mowbray vs Hounds

Best of luck to all the teams!

Except the Falcons

Final stangings of the Dieppe Gentlemens A/B Division

Posted by: Brent Savoie on Fri Jan 22nd 2016 1:53pm

After 18 games, The 19 teams of the Dieppe Gentlemen's league were divided in 3 divisions: A; B-1 and B-2.

Supplement King finished the first half of the season in 12th place to earn a spot in the B-1 Division and will try to move up the standings during the next 10 games to play against a lower seeded team during the playoffs.

2015-16 Standings Division A/B

Chris Rock 14W 1L 3T 31PTS
Time2Shine 14W 2L 2T 30PTS
Casino 12W 3L 3T 27PTS

Sharks 11W 6L 1T 23PTS
Mowbray 10W 7L 1T 21PTS
Hounds 9W 6L 3T 21PTS
Falcons 9W 6L 3T 21PTS
Maringouins 10W 8L 0T 20PTS
East Coast 7W 8L 3T 17PTS
Kent Co Shockers 6W 8L 4T 16PTS
Supplement King 7W 10L 1T 15PTS
Hawks 6W 9L 3T 15PTS
PVC 6W 10L 2T 14PTS

Resisto 5W 11L 2T 12PTS
Panthers 3W 11L 4T 10PTS
Pirates 2W 12L 4T 8PTS
Book Hockey 2W 13L 3T 7PTS
Mighty Ducks 1W 14L 3T 5PTS

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Team 1 2 3 F
Falcons « 0 4 0 4
SK Hockey 2 0 0 2
Goal Scorers: Sub 1 Forward (00:39 in 1st), *David Gauvin (10:43 in 1st)
Goaltender: *Sylvain Boudreau (L)

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