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Why Being a Mens League Hockey Captain Sucks

Posted by: James Purdy on Thu Nov 09th 2017 2:06pm

Being a Mens League Hockey Captain is a thankless job.

But unfortunately, it is a necessary job.

Without the mens league hockey captain, there would be no mens league hockey. Wrangling up 3 dudes to meet up at a bar for some wings and a few brewskis is hard enough. Imagine trying to wrangle 15 guys to show up at an appointed time and get them on the ice ready to play.

It's not easy.

Here is the definitive list for those embarking on organizing a hockey team. We want to make sure you understand what you are getting into when you customize your new hockey jerseys and put that "C" on your chest.

1 - No one wants to pay.

I never understand this. Everyone knows how much it costs to play ice hockey. I have played in countless mens leagues from DC to South Jersey and the price has pretty much been the same at every single rink.

You have to pay to play.

2 - No one likes the game time, EVER.

No one ever likes the game time.

If the game is at 7 or 8pm you will get guys complaining about how they can't get there from work.

If it is at 9 or later, you get guys complaining that it's too late.

If it's on Sunday, you get guys complaining that it's on Sunday.

No matter what time the game is, you will hear a complaint from someone.

3 - No one likes their line mate.

I am very much guilty of this.

No matter who I play with, no one can get me a pass. Maybe it's me?

4 - No one wants to commit to showing up.

You either have too many guys, or not enough.

No matter what system you use, there will be guys that either won't click the thing that says they are coming, or will say they are coming only to fall asleep.

We use Hockey Clubhouse and it couldn't be easier. But still, the guys will mess this up.

Then there is always that one guy that is a welder or something and doesn't know how to use the internet. No one ever knows if he is coming or not. If he's good, let this slide.

5 - No one ever wants to pay for pucks.

That's until you get out on the ice and there are no pucks. Then they complain about that too.

We recently asked everyone to bring $5 each. That didn't go over well.

6 - No one ever wants to buy jerseys

Every rink in which I have ever played has had a rule that you have matching jerseys with numbers.

Yet still, every team has mismatched jerseys.  Maybe you need to read up on the best ways to look like you are good at hockey.

The good thing is, you're currently on a jersey site. We have no minimum. So next year when you add a new guy, we will print you just 1 for your new guy.

Cool right?

Although that still requires you to get the guy to pay for it. Good luck.

7 - No one ever wants to bring beer

Yet, they will drink 5 of the crispy cold ones you brought before the game even starts.  You have to set the beer ground rules up front if you want to have an effective beer rotation.

8 - No one ever reads your emails

But complains when you don't communicate or says that they "didn't know they were supposed to bring beer" even though you emailed them a week ago.

9 - No one ever wants to practice

But complains when you lose.

I can't remember the last time I practiced.  That makes a lot of sense if you check out our record.

Jerseys Arrived

Posted by: SweaterBarn Fresh on Wed Oct 25th 2017 5:09pm

Jerseys arrived just in time for the midway point of the season,

SweaterBarn lost to Honey Badgers 4-1, finished the first half of the season with a record of 4-2. Next up are the Cereal Killers on Halloween night.



Posted by: SweaterBarn Fresh on Wed Oct 18th 2017 8:51pm

Another fun game against the Growlers, game was a lot closer than the score would leave you to believe. Biggest shocker of the night was when the referee called two icings in an 11:00pm game, this is unheard of in men's league with such a late start. Ross stood on his head and had a stellar game, two shutouts in four games. Next week we play the Honey Badgers, this will be the halfway point of our season.


Undefeated No More

Posted by: SweaterBarn Fresh on Fri Oct 13th 2017 8:03am

SweaterBarn came out flat and then got steam rolled by the first place Space Monkeys 5-1. Mike Young had the lone goal for SweaterBarn. Looking to get back on track this Monday against the Growlers.


How To Look Like You Are Good At Beer League Hockey

Posted by: SweaterBarn Fresh on Fri Oct 06th 2017 2:54pm

If you stink at beer league hockey, sometimes it is better to put your mental energy into looking good rather than actually practicing and getting good at hockey.

Some guys (and gals) look like a million bucks when they skate onto the ice but then can’t skate two feet without falling or looking like an idiot.

The good news is, half the battle in beer league hockey is looking good. If you look good out there on the ice, everyone will assume you are a sick puck dangling maniac and will be afraid to play against you.


Last Game Result: Oct 24 2017

Team 1 2 3 F
SweaterBarn 0 0 1 1
The Honey Badgers « 2 0 2 4
Goal Scorers: Gerard Lelionis (10:53 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Ross Billig (L)

Coming Up

Regular Season Leaders

Points James Purdy & AJ Niznik 5
Goals AJ Niznik 4
Assists 6 Players Tied 2
PIM Mike Horan & Mike Young 4
SO Ross Billig 2
Wins Ross Billig 3
GAA Ross Billig 2.00