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NIH Study Proves 42 Beers Is Key To Elevated Moods

Posted by: James Purdy on Fri Sep 21st 2018 5:36pm

After years of research at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD by Scientists and Researchers alike, a breakthrough has been found in the in the sport of Hockey. Scientists spent approximately two million dollars received from much appreciated donors and grants from the US Federal Government to test and prove the exact amount of beer that is necessary for an average group of beer league hockey players to fully enjoy their evening.

Studies show that if only 30 beers are provided for a group of grown men after a hockey game that their ultimate mood is significantly depreciated. Players tend to go home sooner and are in worse moods causing loss of sleep as well as heightened domestic problems.

Studies have shown that there is a significant difference between drinking 30 beers after a game versus consuming 42 beers. Although the cost to procure the beer and the amount of ice consumed is drastically increased, heightened levels of endorphins and general enjoyment were shown in all test subjects.

Scientists and Researchers have proven that 42 beers is the perfect number. They provided players from the test team only 32 beers after a game and came to their result by seeing early exit times, depressing conversation, and rude comments on the team group text.

Fall Season

Posted by: SweaterBarn Fresh on Sat Sep 15th 2018 5:25pm

Sweater Barn skates to a 1-1 tie to open up the fall season. Ross was player of the game with many key saves to keep us in the game after Seealus tied it up in the second period.

Sweater Barn fell short 2 games to 1 versus the Honey Badgers in the summer finals, losing the series by 1 goal.

Cereal Killers

Posted by: SweaterBarn Fresh on Sun Jun 17th 2018 7:40pm

SweaterBarn hasn't played the Cereal Killers since the fall season, they added some talent but it wasn't enough to put any points on the board. After the 1st period SweaterBarn was up 3-0, SweaterBarn put another 6 goals on the board in the second. Final score was 10-0, many players had multiple points. Ross faced a decent amount of shots but came up with the shutout and an assist on one of Purdy's goals. Purdy and Montagna both had hat tricks. Next up Village Idiots!

Player of the game
Ross Billig


Posted by: SweaterBarn Fresh on Tue Jun 05th 2018 12:53am

Spring season opened up tonight against the Growlers, SweaterBarn jumped out and scored 3 goals in the first period. Game ended 4-1 with four different players putting the puck in the back of the net.

Ross made a few great blocker saves to keep us in the lead. Jack Uong had 3 assists and should've gotten player of the game, but he was overlooked because such a quiet guy you almost forget he's out there. Joe Foderaro had an outstanding game as well. Next up Cereal Killers in a week and a half.

Player of the game
AJ Niznik

Winter Season

Posted by: SweaterBarn Fresh on Tue Jun 05th 2018 12:45am

Winter Season came to an abrupt end vs the Reapers in 5-1 blowout, moving up a division didn't work out well for team SweaterBarn. Finished the season 3-7-2 while only scoring 29 goals and giving up 59. Hoping that moving back to the lower division and almost 3 weeks off before the next season we can get back in the win column.

Sep 17 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Village Idiots 0 0 2 2
SweaterBarn « 2 0 2 4
Goal Scorers: Jason Montagna (01:33 in 1st), James Purdy (14:31 in 1st), Greg Masters (07:10 in 3rd), Frank Blanchard (07:53 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Ross Billig (W)

Regular Season Leaders

Points Jason Montagna 3
Goals Jason Montagna 2
Assists 3 Players Tied 1
PIM Mike Horan 4
SO Ross Billig 0
Wins Ross Billig 1
GAA Ross Billig 1.50