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Welcome to the Tigers Peewee

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Mon Oct 02nd 2017 12:15pm

Hi All,

As with every year I will be maintaining a website for the entire team. As always this team site will be private with only those who have passwords can access. The entire schedule for the season will be up as soon as I know no more changes will be made (however I have posted the first 4). This will also be a place the kids can check your stats and everything else about the team. I also do little post-game posts about how the team performed like they do for the Leafs and Sens on TSN and will do one after every game (you can see the pages upon pages of updates I've done if you want to look below or the next page). Also more importantly there is an attendance function that will serve the team as well. Every family will get an email from the website and you will be able to check your availability before each ice time. The emails are sent 3 days in advance. If you can't attend just respond to that email and quickly state why you can attend and all will be good. If however something changes from the time the email comes out or something else happens then just text me you can't be there and all is good. You can reach me at 905-242-2557 anytime.

I think that's all for now, we will try to have a parent meeting either the second or third practice in as well. Might just do it on Saturday after are first game because of Thanksgiving. Just want to cover some thing such as tournaments, and what to expect for the season etc. Either way I will let you know by email. If there is someone you want me to add in the email blast then please let me know as each family has there own situation and I don't want to leave anyone out.

Have a good week.

See you on Saturday (if you can make it, some did mention they were at thanksgiving stuff so if so no problem), will chat then.

-Coach Scott

Tigers get first W with Win over Harman

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Wed Oct 26th 2016 9:01am

The Tigers coming off a tie game with Kedron last week after giving up 4 goals in there debut were looking for more of a team game this time around taking on Harman Cordova who featured a trio of ex-Tigers on there roster.

The first saw Harman open the scoring with the first goal at 7:07 finding its way past Evan however the Tigers did manage to dominate much of the play. Finding there legs towards the end of the period.

In the the second period, the Tigers found there scoring touch potting 3 with goals from Kyle who tapped in a rebound goal, Hugh with a nice breakaway goal, and Brandon with a nice shot finding its way past. They also fired 10 shots for the period.

in the third, the Tigers added to their lead with a snipe from Dylan who put it top cheese from a feed from Cam who also has back-to-back games worth of points. The Tigers also added another 5 shots for the period bringing there game total to 19. The Tigers ended up taking the game 4-1 for there first win of the year.

Tigers Stats-Pack

PK: 2-2
PP: 0-0
2-Game Point Streak for Kyle
4 PIM for team
19 shots against
19 shots for Tigers

Quote(s) of the Night

"There's the garbage man!"
-Coach Rick, after Kyle put in a "garbage" goal

Adam's First Aid Station
Adelaide Traynor - Shoulder - Out Indefinitely
Colin Taylor - Concussion - Week-to-Week

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Go Tigers Go!

Hello To Everyone

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Sun Oct 02nd 2016 10:49pm

Hello All!

So as you can see this will be the website we use for our scheduling, stats, and game notes for everything during the season. If there is something going on. It can be found on here. As I have or will state to you this site is purely private. As such anyone wishing to use the website will have to have your kids login or in the case of siblings just use one of them. I can add other users to the website if you have grandparents or other family members that want to follow the progress of the Tigers this year or if there is two parents in certain situations I can make that work to.

As it stands right now I will be emailing all the parents that gave emails on the signup sheets or if I can't get ahold of you I will get you on Saturday to provide me with an email that works. As I have or will state. My primary source of contacting everyone will be through here and email (email for more immediate things) so it is vital you have an email that you check frequently. Don't worry, I won't sell these emails to spammers. Promise :D

There is also a function on the website which I will explain at the parent meeting that allows you to check off if your child will be at the game/practice. This is a great function when used by everybody so I will be polling all of you at the parents meeting (which will probably wait till just after are first game due to Thanksgiving weekend being next weekend) to see if you are all down using it. Because I am not gonna lie people will tell me a weekend before that they've got something going on and I will totally brainfart and forget the next weekend. So its a great way to keep me on track!

As for everything else, I will be keeping you up to date as things come in. I got most of the helmet sizes I needed from last practice for those that wanted/needed them. I will be ordering the jerseys ASAP (though I imagine will be using the stop-gap jerseys for the first couple of games) and the helmets should be in next week or the following. Still waiting on that :D

Anyway thats it for now. More later!

-Coach Scott

Tigers Win Wild Game Over White

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Tue Mar 01st 2016 9:23am

The Tigers still hungry for there first win of the RR did battle with Kedron White. Looking to move up the standings a win was needed in this game and they looked to do just that.

The first saw the Tigers give up the first goal right off the first shift as the Tigers got caught flat-footed and let the White player walk right in for the first goal on Evan. However that didn't last long as Alex took a shot from the point from a feed from Greg which found its way past the White goaltender. The Tigers would then take a quick lead with a goal from Brandon however gave that right back with just under a minute to go with another defensive mishap led to another turnover and a goal making the game 2-2 going into the 2nd.

In the the second period, which turned out to be a pretty quiet period as both Evan and Brock who came in relief midway through the period were able to shit the opposition out with making 12 saves between them and coming at about the half way mark in the period Junior was able to tip a shot from the point from Ty who got his 2nd of the year with that tip and the Tigers took a 3-2 lead going into the 3rd.

in the third, the game became a back and forth show with the Tigers adding three more goals and White adding two. The goals came from Jacob with a pair and Colten with a shot from the point and the Kedron goals were a snipe from the point and a player left all alone in front making the game 6-4 affair and giving the Tigers there first win.

Tigers Stats-Pack

PK: 1-1
PP: 1-3
2nd Goal for Junior
6 PIM for team as Simon still holds the lead for "Goon of the RR" Award
24 shots against both goalies
23 shots for Tigers

Quote(s) of the Night

"A goal is a goal, no matter how its scored right coach?"
-Jacob, after putting in a "garbage" goal

Jeff's First Aid Station
Everyone is Healthy!

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Go Tigers Go!

Tigers Tie Striped in First RR game

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Mon Jan 25th 2016 9:47am

The Tigers starting there first RR game of the playoffs, face of against Kedron Striped who had beat the Tigers in there 2 Regular Season meetings. The Tigers looked to change that for the start of the RR

The first saw the Tigers become very physical early on keeping the pace of the game for most of the 1st period. Physical play and good passing led the Tigers to many opportunities during the period however Kedron Striped's saved most shots.

In the the second period, the Tigers were back and forth with Kedron Striped with chances at both ends. Evan shut the door early in the period with Brock coming in half way through the period to keep the pace up making 10 saves between them both for the period. Chances came in the offensive end to with Jacob "Phaneuf" narrowly missing a few shots just over the net. A breakaway attempt from Brandon and Tyler also gave the Tigers many chances and point shots from Simon and Tyson also were a plenty but couldn't find the back of the net. A 0-0 tie would continue to the third.

in the third, the scoring finally opened up with Brandon giving a quick lead pass to Johnny who jumped up in the rush and continued down the ice going end-to-end and finishing with a nice bardown shot giving the Tigers the 1st goal of the game and the late lead with only 6min left. However fatigue set in with only 11 players on the bench and due to a screen a shot from the point found its way through Brock who had been making save after save keeping the Tigers in the game. However due to some solid penalty killing, the Tigers were able to hold the game to a 1-1 tie and start the RR with a point against a strong Kedron Striped team who finished 3rd in Regular season play.

Tigers Stats-Pack

PK: 3-3
PP: 1-2
1 Goal for Johnny going end-to-end
6 PIM for team as Simon takes the lead for "Goon of the RR" Award
29 shots against both goalies
24 shots for Tigers

Quote(s) of the Night

"Who are you and what have you done with Johnny!"
-Coach Rick, After Johhny went end-to-end to get the 1st goal of the game

Jeff's First Aid Station
Colten Gay - Fractured Knee - Out 4-6 Weeks
Adam Darnell - Torn ACL - Out 3-4 Weeks

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Go Tigers Go!

Last Game Result: Mar 03 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Kedron Black 0 0 0 0
Tigers 0 0 0 0
Goal Scorers: None
Goaltender: Calvin Traczuk (T)

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Playoff Leaders

Points 14 Players Tied 0
Goals 14 Players Tied 0
Assists 14 Players Tied 0
PIM Cameron Zahn & Tyler Glynn 2
SO Calvin Traczuk 1
Wins Calvin Traczuk 0
GAA Calvin Traczuk 0.00
SV% Calvin Traczuk 1.000

Regular Season Leaders

Points Tyler Glynn 9
Goals Tyler Glynn 6
Assists Tyler Glynn 3
PIM Cameron Zahn & Tyler Glynn 6
SO Calvin Traczuk 0
Wins Calvin Traczuk 1
GAA Calvin Traczuk 3.14
SV% Calvin Traczuk 0.869