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Lack of Urgency Leads Striped over Tigers

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Tue Dec 01st 2015 1:37pm

The Tigers looking for there second win of the season, did battle with Kedron White.

The first period saw the Tigers come out fairly strong. They were hard on the puck and pushing Striped to what should have led to more goals however one was given up late in the period as Striped took at 1-0 lead however the Tigers answered that with a goal of there own 50 seconds later with a late goal by Aidan. Striped then regained the lead with some poor defence in front of Evan which lead to another Striped goal and a 2-1 lead for them.

In the the second period, the Tigers seemed to run out of gas. The effort level really dropped as both Brock and Evan were forced to make some big saves to keep the Tigers in the game however mid-frame Striped found the answer as they were able to bang home two to take a 4-1 lead.

The third, being a roller coaster with ups and down in the period saw the Tigers get one back late in the third with a goal from Simon for his 4th of the season as well, but at this point it was a little to late as Striped went on to take the game 4-1 with Brock making 9 saves in the 3rd.

Tigers Stats-Pack

PK: 2-2
PP: 0-0
4th Goal of season for Simon and Aidan
6 PIM for team as Ty is now in tie with Simon for "Goon of the Season" Award
32 shots against both goalies
21 shots for Tigers

Quote(s) of the Night

"I can't believe that went in!"
-Aidan, as he came back to the bench after scoring his 4th of the season

Up Next

The Tigers look to get back in the win column as they battle Southmead.

Go Tigers Go!

Tigers Provide Solid Defence as They Beat Kedron White

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Sun Nov 15th 2015 10:05am

The Tigers looking for there second win of the season, did battle with Kedron White.

The first saw the Tigers strike first in with some very nice team play all around getting a goal at the 6 minute mark. Solid goaltending led to the Tigers taking a lead into the first period.

The 2nd saw the Tigers keep the lead playing some solid defense and still pressing offence as many posts and wifs were recorded during this period. Hitting the net was also a problem with are resident "Phaneuf" missing the net 3 times.

The third, being a roller coaster with a lot of back and forth hockey saw the Tigers lose the lead, but get it back. After some faltering defensive play, the Tigers suffered a late period goal which tied it 2-2. However quickly responded giving them a 3-2 lead with a late goal from Greg with Ty and Jacob getting the helpers.

Tigers Stats-Pack

PK: 1-1
PP: 1-2
3 Goal nice from 3 seperate guys
2 PIM as Simon pads his lead for "Goon of the Season" Award
30 shots against both goalies
24 shots for Tigers

Quote(s) of the Night

"Nice shot Phaneuf!!!"
-Coach Rick, as Jacob misses the net by a mile.

Up Next

The Tigers look to grab another win as they battle Brookside.

Go Tigers Go!

Tigers top Blades in First win of Season

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Mon Nov 02nd 2015 9:54am

The Tigers still looking for there first win were looking to play more of a team game and only had a short bench to do it with.

The 1st period saw the Tigers strike first with a nice shot from Aidan who gets his first goal of the season with an assist from his linemate Ty. With a solid performance from Evan, the Tigers remained in the lead 1-0.

In the second, the Tigers continued there team play ways with solid efforts both offensively and defensively keeping the Blade's off the board with Brock continuing to shut the door as Evan did during the first half of the second. During the period as well there was some funny business in front of the Baker net that led to Simon getting a roughing call against him and Greg earlier in the period getting inference.

The third, which saw the Tigers put back on their heals were a defensive breakdown which lead to a break way goal and another goal not long after that was lost during a shot on net. However the Tigers responded with two goals of their own with Aidan getting his second of the game from a shot from the point and Brandon getting one not much later giving the Tigers a 3-2 lead to win the game.

Tigers Stats-Pack

PK: 0-0
PP: 0-2
3 Point night for Aidan
6 PIM as Simon is still the leader for "Goon of the Season" Award
21 shots against both goalies
22 shots for Tigers

Quote(s) of the Night

"Jacob!!! What is that thing called on the ice below you!!"
-Coach Scott, as Jacob steps offside.

Up Next

The Tigers look to continue their winning ways next week against Kedron Black.

Go Tigers Go!

Picture Reminder, Name Bars, Helmets, & Teddy Bear Toss

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Fri Oct 23rd 2015 2:33pm

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that pictures are at 10:00 on Sunday. Please make sure all of your kids are dressed before they come to the rink. The only thing that should need to be done at the rink is the skates. I am now on a streak as I've had full teams show up for pictures the last 2 years and I'd like to keep that streak alive!

Also Teddy Bear toss. There will be more info on this from Angela shortly but I just want to make sure everyone is aware of it in December. This is the Gens game that the NASC picks up the teddy bear toss. It is absolute chaos out there and its a great environment. That being said! I am voluntelling everyone that we are going to be helping out on the ice. I said the same to my bantam team. My two teams helped out last year and it was amazing. I'd like that to be a repeat this year. Which means you will need to buy tickets from Angela so that all the kids can attend. If that becomes the case we will have a big Tiger presence! All the kids need to do is be there decently early before game time with there skates and helmets to help pick up teddy bears. Don't bring gloves, trust me its a waste of time. Anyway there will be more info on this to come.

Thirdly, I will be collecting there jerseys at the end of the practice on Sunday. The name bars are going on next week and I need time to get them cleaned and take them to get done. They will be back in my hands on Friday before the game next week.

Lastly I have placed the order for there helmets. My hope is they will arrive before the end of November.

I think that is all LOL.

-Coach Scott

Defence falters as Tigers fall to Kedron Striped

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Tue Oct 13th 2015 1:22pm

The Tigers kicked off their season on Saturday with a game against Kedron Striped looking to impress the first game of the season, the Tigers wanted a strong start.

The 1st period slew of goals, sadly all in the direction of Striped who popped 3 quick ones in the first 5 minutes due to some defensive breakdowns which saw Brock shelled with 11 shots just in the first. However the Tigers were able to keep pace by popping on of there own early on by Simon with a nice low shot underneath the pads.

In the second, more of the same which saw Brock see another 5 shots before Evan coming in relief only to get more of the same with another 6 shots to end the period. Kedron popped in another 3 to make it 6-1. Ty when down with a groin injury during the period as well.

The third, with a 4-minute penalty to kill the Tigers went to the PK. Due to strong offesive pressure and position Striped was able to pop another one making it 7-2 at this point with the Tigers getting a little offense from Jacob who popped in one later in the period.

Tigers Stats-Pack

PK: 2-3
PP: 0-1
1 SH goal Jacob
6 PIM as Simon becomes the leader for "Goon of the Season" Award
31 shots against (16 shots on Brock, 15 for Evan)
19 shots for

Quote(s) of the Night

"We left the goalies hung out to dry"
-Simon, as they got to the dressing room after the game.

Jeff's First Aid Station
Adam Darnell - day-to-day knee injury

Up Next

The Tigers look to get there first win of the season against Southmead at 4:30pm at Harman.

Go Tigers Go!

Last Game Result: Mar 25 2017

Team 1 2 3 OT F
Tigers « 0 0 0 1 1
Mackenzie Park 0 0 0 0 0
Goal Scorers: Brandon Feltham (04:50 in OT)
Goaltender: Evan Moores (W)

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Playoff Leaders

Points Brandon Feltham & Hugh Brown 16
Goals Hugh Brown 9
Assists Brandon Feltham & Dylan Wilson 8
PIM Colin Taylor 12
SO Evan Moores 4
Wins Evan Moores 5
GAA Evan Moores 1.26
SV% Evan Moores 0.930

Regular Season Leaders

Points Brandon Feltham 27
Goals Kyle Glynn 13
Assists Brandon Feltham 15
PIM Colin Taylor 14
SO Evan Moores 3
Wins Evan Moores 7
GAA Evan Moores 2.09
SV% Evan Moores 0.897