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Defence falters as Tigers fall to Kedron Striped

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Tue Oct 13th 2015 1:22pm

The Tigers kicked off their season on Saturday with a game against Kedron Striped looking to impress the first game of the season, the Tigers wanted a strong start.

The 1st period slew of goals, sadly all in the direction of Striped who popped 3 quick ones in the first 5 minutes due to some defensive breakdowns which saw Brock shelled with 11 shots just in the first. However the Tigers were able to keep pace by popping on of there own early on by Simon with a nice low shot underneath the pads.

In the second, more of the same which saw Brock see another 5 shots before Evan coming in relief only to get more of the same with another 6 shots to end the period. Kedron popped in another 3 to make it 6-1. Ty when down with a groin injury during the period as well.

The third, with a 4-minute penalty to kill the Tigers went to the PK. Due to strong offesive pressure and position Striped was able to pop another one making it 7-2 at this point with the Tigers getting a little offense from Jacob who popped in one later in the period.

Tigers Stats-Pack

PK: 2-3
PP: 0-1
1 SH goal Jacob
6 PIM as Simon becomes the leader for "Goon of the Season" Award
31 shots against (16 shots on Brock, 15 for Evan)
19 shots for

Quote(s) of the Night

"We left the goalies hung out to dry"
-Simon, as they got to the dressing room after the game.

Jeff's First Aid Station
Adam Darnell - day-to-day knee injury

Up Next

The Tigers look to get there first win of the season against Southmead at 4:30pm at Harman.

Go Tigers Go!

Welcome to the 2015-16 season!

Posted by: Scott Gordon on Thu Sep 24th 2015 2:15pm

Hello Parents!

Welcome to the 2015-16 season of the Tigers! Just a quick little intro about the website. I did this last year for my peewee team and it is awesome! It keeps track of all the stats for the season, schedule, events, and more! Everything will be through the website for scheduling and stats. I will also email parents directly for any issues or questions that pop-up during season.

So a few things before the season begins! One is the first practice is on Saturday at 5:00pm at Harman, second is on Sunday at 12:30pm. Sadly I will not be at either of those practices due to my reffing clinic that takes place in Trenton on the first weekend. Talk about a crappy way to start! Anyway nothing I can do, so coach Rick will be handling things for me including giving out socks and jersey numbers.

Angela my manager will also be collecting emails so that I have a vital point of communication with you. Most things I do will be through website and email as it's easier to do this, then to call everyone individual. Also there will be a sheet given out by Angela that will state all of what I plan to do for the season and a brief little intro to our team.

So I hope you guys have a fun start and I will see you all the following weekend!

Keep your stick on the ice!
-Coach Scott

Last Game Result: Mar 03 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Kedron Black 0 0 0 0
Tigers 0 0 0 0
Goal Scorers: None
Goaltender: Calvin Traczuk (T)

Coming Up

Nothing Scheduled

Playoff Leaders

Points 14 Players Tied 0
Goals 14 Players Tied 0
Assists 14 Players Tied 0
PIM Cameron Zahn & Tyler Glynn 2
SO Calvin Traczuk 1
Wins Calvin Traczuk 0
GAA Calvin Traczuk 0.00
SV% Calvin Traczuk 1.000

Regular Season Leaders

Points Tyler Glynn 9
Goals Tyler Glynn 6
Assists Tyler Glynn 3
PIM Cameron Zahn & Tyler Glynn 6
SO Calvin Traczuk 0
Wins Calvin Traczuk 1
GAA Calvin Traczuk 3.14
SV% Calvin Traczuk 0.869