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Owayo is a sporting goods provider that allows teams to design their own personal sporting apparel while maintaining professional quality. It manufactures its own products in order to provide customers with the best customization experience.


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Team America began play in the Adult Hockey Association (AHA) in Oct. 2014. The AHA is a Minnesota-based amateur adult hockey association for men and women.

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JMS Hockey offers organized pickup and league hockey for adults.

Last Game Result: Feb 16 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
Team America 2 2 2 6
Warriors 4 1 1 6
Goal Scorers: Chris Bixby (04:21 in 1st), Zach Wilkinson (12:11 in 1st), Zach Wilkinson (09:15 in 2nd), Joseph Blaney (13:23 in 2nd), Kenny Lawrence (05:39 in 3rd), Joseph Blaney (15:46 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Chris Anderson (T)

Coming Up

Tue Feb 26th 2019 6:45pm
Game at Spartans A
at SPA Drake
Sat Mar 02nd 2019 7:45pm
Game vs Kodiaks A
at New Hope S
Sun Mar 10th 2019 9:15pm
Game at Unsullied
at Richfield 2

Regular Season Leaders

Points Noah Sundberg 23
Goals Noah Sundberg 15
Assists Justin Schwechter 15
PIM Zach Wilkinson 20
SO Chris Anderson 0
Wins Chris Anderson 3
GAA Chris Anderson 6.64