The Velvet Hammers

The Velvet Hammers

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Posted by: Barret Payne on Mon Sep 13th 2010 12:20pm


Hammers Ready to Nail the Competition this Season!

Posted by: Candace Birch on Thu Sep 09th 2010 7:26pm

Well ladies and gentlemen, a fresh new season stares us in the face! The fun begins on Sunday with some friendly exhibition. Looks like there are only two divisions at UMHL this season and we're in the right one (B) with 9 other teams. Coach Birch is returning, back by popular demand to keep things organized and interesting on the bench and in the dressing room.

Sadly, we say goodbye to Freddy (Karasinski) as he just recently announced his retirement from the team. We welcome Full Time both Reg Gamblin and Clay Koroscil (who likes us enough to stray from Rockpile and strengthen our defensive core).

We have a couple of very committed spares on the backburner in case things get sketchy once in a while. In other words, we have hopefully been proactive enough with what we learned from last season to avoid any short-benched, musical chair circus acts like we had to trudge through last season. It was tough on coach trying to get lines together and stay together and it was tough on you guys too so hopefully we have remedied that situation.

I for one am looking forward to welcoming hockey back into my life for another season and plan on being a loyal fan all winter long, though chasing Cadence around will be a little tougher this year!

Have a GREAT season guys!

Pre-season Conditioning Camp!!!

Posted by: Brett Birch on Wed Aug 11th 2010 1:12pm
Prime Hockey Shape!!!
Prime Hockey Shape!!!

Hey y'all! Time to work off that sumer muscle and get back into beer league shape! The start of our Sophomore season and the secret's outta the bag... We're actually pretty good! No sneak attacks or coming from behind (insert Barret's remark here!) this year. We will not be giving the league 10 wins to start the first half either. It's bid-ness right from the start!

I am looking forward to The Hammers - Volume II this year as well as seeing all you pricks again! Before we lace em up, we still gotta get some gol in. Who's in? I don't care where or when we go. Let's just go!

Rumour has it we are getting some ice soon too... Beautiful.Can someone tie my skates? My legs grew over the summer...

Keepin' it real in Hammerland,
Ass. Captain...

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Goal Scorers: Brett Birch (12:49 in 1st), Brett Birch (11:11 in 2nd), Scott Podruchny (06:41 in 3rd), Gaston Berryman (11:14 in 3rd), Josh Dueck (16:24 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Shawn Thompson (W)

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