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Big news

Posted by: Duster Bender on Mon Apr 03rd 2017 5:12pm

Tibs sign free agent defenseman Hockenberry28, Adonis the native is givin an assistant patch, and rumor have been coming out about a relocation to Compton.

Schedual change and Saturday standings change

Posted by: Duster Bender on Sat Apr 01st 2017 10:03pm

Regular season ends at April 29. Playoffs start May 5. Some times and location changes and against different team.

Ryan and Dylan get to make debuts

Posted by: Duster Bender on Mon Mar 27th 2017 6:15pm

Two tibs got to make their debuts with the team, and it could have gone better. In the the first game, Ryan Depriest and 05.Dylan in the first win against the cougars 7-4 had stellar games. Ryan in his first start got an 18 save win and Dykan had 5 points. Sadly, the table sturned and we lost our second game 7-2 against the BernBurners. the stats were not given for us, but Ryan still had around 20 saves so it went somewhat well for him.

Rip win streak

Posted by: Duster Bender on Sun Mar 26th 2017 12:18am

After not losing since the first week, Tibs take a sad L after beating the Cougars 7-4. The final score against the BernBurners was a sad 7-2. Need to pick our shit up and destroy Dunedin to make them lose their first game again.

Bad win, but it'll have to do

Posted by: Duster Bender on Tue Mar 21st 2017 7:44pm

The boys were sad to here on Saturday that their momentum would vanish as they waited for about 1:30 hours for Backstreet to show, but they couldn't get their players to come to the game."If we had more time to wait, then we would have, but the people have lives and responsibility, and another 3 game weekend would kill us" Says GM Burns after the tough choice. "It is really hard to take this free win because it just feels "morally wrong" and also in a selfish perspective, our stats will look worse", Said after the team figured out they couldn't play. With Starter goalie Ben being most likely out this weekend due to home and personal life problems, this week of games is going to be a doosy on who will make it to the game, and who will be in net for Grande Ben. Only time can tell at this point.

Last Game Result: Apr 14 2017

Team 1 2 3 F
Memestars 0 0 0 0
Los Tiburones 0 0 0 0
Goal Scorers: None
Goaltender: Grande Ben (T)

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Regular Season Leaders

Points Kyle Jones 44
Goals Kyle Jones 24
Assists Kyle Jones 20
PIM Jacob Shockley 10
SO Forfit Goalie 1
Wins Grande Ben 6
GAA Forfit Goalie 0.00