Tyndall Park Old Stars

Tyndall Park Old Stars

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Posted by: Rob F on Mon Nov 21st 2016 6:11am


1. The remaining $100 is due so either bring cash or cheque to one of the Friday skates before December 23rd for those computer illiterate's or you can etransfer to my email address which is the preferred method.

2. Beer is $3 each and bottle draw is $2 and this goes for everyone, skaters and goalies. We have been coming up short after each skate so please be sure to pay up before you leave. Money raised goes towards our Christmas and Wind up parties.


2016-2017 New Season

Posted by: Rob F on Tue Oct 04th 2016 12:23pm


I have updated the schedule and player rosters for this year. We added some new players so I will be making new teams for this year and will have them posted on game day at the arena so bring both a yellow and a black sweater.

Please make sure to respond to the attendance request email as we have spares who would like to skate when a spot opens.

See everyone this Friday.


2015-16 Season

Posted by: Rob F on Tue Jun 16th 2015 9:55am


I have updated this year's schedule to Christmas. Also, we have 3 new players this year.

Roger Tuk
Clay Olson
Kerry Sagness

Since we are playing in a NEW arena, I have made changes to the teams so please review the Jersey Numbers to see what team and dressing room you will be on.

White Team - Jersey Numbers 1-20.
Black Team - Jersey Numbers 21-40.

Also, do we want to order a new set of team jerseys for this year? We haven't done this in a long time so let me know if you are interested.


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