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Trash Monkeys Open Season against Fat Heads Brewery

Posted by: Justin Ross (A) on Mon Jun 13th 2016 7:17pm

STRONGSVILLE - Tomorrow night marks the season opener for the Trash Monkeys Hockey Club as they take on Fat Heads Brewery in an OBM Upper Division Showdown.

The Trash Monkeys are the favorite in tomorrow nights game, led by assistant captain Justin Ross, Blair Bigwood, and Frank Lemut. This is going to be the first time the Trash Monkeys have been out on the ice as a team since the summer of 2013.

Notable scratches for tomorrow nights game are Captain Ian Reffert (upper body) and Assistant Captain Jeremy Lascko (illness), both players are listed day-to-day.

Puck drop Tuesday night at 7:10 PM at OBM Arena in Strongsville.

Are you willing to be apart of the jungle?


Posted by: Justin Ross (A) on Tue May 10th 2016 6:35pm
Trash Monkeys T-shirt giveaway
Trash Monkeys T-shirt giveaway

Later this summer, The Trash Monkeys will be playing host to The Dirk Digglers Hockey Club from Winnipeg, MB (Canada).

The Trash Monkeys and The Digglers have come together to have a charity game, and we have chosen Autism Speaks. We are going to be selling tickets for $5.00 and children free. There will be a 50/50 raffle, and also after the game all of the kids will have the opportunity to skate, the Trash Monkeys and the Digglers will be joining them!

There is going to be a free Trash Monkeys T-Shirt giveaway also!!!

Trash Monkeys Defenseman Eric Feitl talks about the off season

Posted by: Justin Ross (A) on Wed Mar 09th 2016 8:28pm

CLEVELAND - Trash Monkeys TV coordinator, Delcina Cuffari, sat down with Trash Monkeys defenseman Eric Feitl and discussed what Eric has been doing in the off-season, and what he expects for the upcoming season.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts about the upcoming Trash Monkey Season?

Feitl: Oh, I think it is going to be a good time to reconnect with the boys playing the game we love and kicking a**, while we are at it. Not sure what the competition will be this season, we have been disbanded for a little while, but I think we will get back in sync fairly quickly.

QUESTION: Are you going to miss some of the guys who are not joining the Trash Monkeys for the second season?

Feitl: Well I honestly did not know many of them the first season so I am not sure who even is not returning but I am sure we will be able to make up for any loss.

QUESTION: How many beers do you think Justin Ross will drink before the games?

Feitl: Well my personal hope is at least eight (8), but in order to keep the game play decent I would say probably a sixer.

QUESTION: What are you going to do to help pack the house for the Trash Monkey home opener?

Feitl: I am going to befriend some local street walkers and invite them and all of their wonderful classy lady friends.

The Trash Monkeys ARE BACK

Posted by: Justin Ross (A) on Wed Mar 09th 2016 8:26pm

CLEVELAND- As of December 14th, 2015 The Trash Monkeys Organization sat down and decided to bring back the Trash Monkeys team. After hours behind closed doors, General Manager Bill Mobley came walking out with just a smirk on his face. Then Head Coach Dan Cunningham, who has not yet agreed to be part of the organization again, walked out of the room with a look of relief. Then team owner Justin Ross, who also had a look of relief on his face, walked out and behind him was team captain Tony Mobley, son of general manager Bill Mobley, walked out and we all knew the Trash Monkeys were back when the team captain shouted "We're BACK!".
"I think this is what these boys need, I think this is what this town needs, for the Trash Monkeys to be back out on the ice doing what they love, playing hockey" GM Bill Mobley stated.
Now there is still yet a big hill to climb with bringing the hockey organization back to the MLHA. The organization needs to sit down with league officials and figure out scheduling to get the Trash Monkeys back into league play.
"You know it makes me nervous, a lot of us have not been in the league in over three years, but I know this group of guys, I know their love of the game, and I feel we will be alright." - Captain Tony Mobley
Team Owner Justin Ross said "I know some of the guys that we had back in 2013 may not be as willing to play now in 2016, so we will be having an open try out for anyone who would like to come out and play for the Trash Monkeys."

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