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Welcome new skater Bill Homrich

Posted by: Adam Newham on Thu Jan 19th 2017 5:06pm

Bill has returned to the Vermin (as you can tell from his old-school jersey!) after a stint looking after a little one. Please give him a warm welcome back

Playoffs and 2017 Summer Season

Posted by: Adam Newham on Thu Jan 19th 2017 5:03pm

Playoff Format will remain the same as previous seasons and will occur over 5 weeks.

Team 1 vs. 2 - bye in first round
Team 3 vs. 6
Team 4 vs. 5.

It will follow a knock-out format (other than teams with bye). If by end of the 3rd period, there is a tie, play will resume with 20 mins of overtime using a sudden death format. If by some chance there is still a tie, the winner will be determined by the following format: cumulative goals against, goals for.

For Summar 2017 it looks like division 5 we have 2 new teams joining SDIA.
Minutemen (likely both a Div 4 and a Div 5 team)
Easy Riders (returning team from the Poway rink)

There will be no game on Presidents Weekend, however Ron & I managed to score some ice-time on SuperBowl weekend and will share the ice with the Zambronies. Looks like we'll have the ice from 9:05 to 10:30pm - I've added it to Hockey Club House

Summer season is 15 games with cost as follows
Team Fee $4000
Individual Fee $375

Welcome new skater...

Posted by: Adam Newham on Sun Dec 18th 2016 7:25pm

New Skater Indy (Jones) will be subbing for the Vermin, welcome board

Welcome new skater

Posted by: Adam Newham on Sun Dec 18th 2016 12:45pm

Please welcome new skater to the Vermin, Erik Wolf

New skater

Posted by: Adam Newham on Thu Dec 15th 2016 2:53pm

Please welcome a new skater to Vermin...Kirby

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