Vermin Jerseys

For folks joining the Vermin, the first question I get is "Where do I get my jersey from?".

First, you need to choose a number. We keep track of Jersey assignments using Google Sheets, use the link below and take a look and request the number you'd like. Obviously active roster'ed/sub players numbers are unavailable - non-active players numbers might be up for grabs.

Vermin Google Sheets Jersey Assignment

For the jersey itself, you have several options

Short term - use an existing jersey/number that's approximate to what the Vermin play in - practice jersey in orange, yellow, black etc. Please check with me ahead of time in case the opposition might be playing in a similar color e.g. black, blue or white will likely be problematic

Option 1) HockeyTRON Philadelphia Flyers Jersey (Cheapest)
Order a Philadelphia Flyer's jersey from HockeyTRON. Vermin play in Black/Orange colors (as per the image)

Cost at time of writing (without any numbering etc.) is around $30 excluding shipping. HockeyTRON can help with some of the numbering or you can use an alternative shop.

In a previous season, we added the front Vermin logo using heat-printed logo's. (Note - as the HockeyTRON jerseys are polyester, you can't do direct to garment). This batch was done in Kerney Mesa at T-Shirt Mart but they have multiple locations and they should have the artwork on hand (I can also send on request). Alternatively I notice that now has a HockeyTRON Custom Jersey Program - they might be able to do similar work but have not used their services before and therefore can't vouch for them. I can supply the Vermin artwork to anybody interested in pursuing this option.

If doing a heat-transfer number, I recommend getting white as the dominant color with the orange highlight/outer color.

Option 2) Custom CCM Jersey

A number of players have these jerseys and are pro-grade/sublimed printed with logo's etc. These are light-weight and are available in either a) sublimed printed numbers and a stitched nameplate (with players name) and costs $69 or b) tackle/twill numbers (allowing the numbers and a stitched nameplate and costs $85. The actual name is sublimed print in both options. If you'd like to pursue this, I can supply the details on ordering one.

Link to the Vermin logo can also be found here
Adobe Illustrator Rat Logo

Jersey layout for folks to DIY their own

Jersey layout for folks who wish to DIY their own or want to know what colors to use for numbers.

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