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Posted by: Anthony Preikschas on Thu Sep 22nd 2016 1:37pm

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Don't make me come out there!

Posted by: Raymond Preikschas on Sun Aug 10th 2014 3:42pm

Honorary Whaler... Thanks to the Whalers for inviting me to come out and play in the tourney last year. I still have the puck y'all gave me after that amazing come from behind win. Hope I can make it out for another game in the next season. Gandolf out...

Disappointing loss to the fatz

Posted by: Anthony Preikschas on Tue Feb 18th 2014 2:23pm

What could have been the teams last chance for a win in regular season was extinguished by the Fatz/Pillagers sunday night. The team had a lack of man power on the bench but for the ones who did show up put up a fight till the end. The team played well until the antics started from the opposing team, words were exchanged and so were some good hits. There also was no shortage of lumber attacks from the fatz which caused a tomahawk to make an appearance. The Whalers have one more game until postseason starts then finish off the regular season against the Army which should prove to be interesting. Bring your umbrellas as blood will be spilt.

Two game losing streak

Posted by: Anthony Preikschas on Mon Jan 27th 2014 3:13pm

So its been awhile since I wrote in here and its been quite an eventful few games. We were on a 10 game winning streak only to have it stripped from us by the over stacked flyers and lost recently by poor reffing against the pillagers after giving them a run for their money. We are going to start running ads in the paper for referees on a weekly basis. Good to see the team growing stronger every game, sniping Ginos and grabbing Apples. Keep it up and I want to see more people play through their injuries, WHALE or DIE!!

Run for the hills and hide your chiefs

Posted by: Anthony Preikschas on Thu Dec 19th 2013 1:41pm

There was some tension in the air this night more then most compared, there was a grudge to settle for disrespecting the Whalers organization with a childish act of cutting the uniform with scissors. Management was not happy and put out a mark on a couple foreigners heads, one would say it got personal. Never have I seen such anger and hostility against these two teams and blood was boiling, hits and slashes, trips and crashes were the common in this game of rivals. If we weren't we certainly are now and doubt we will not be playing them again next year. Great win and good support but next time we meet keep your head up and look sharp because I can sense retaliation is on the forefront.

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