Schedule Details

Date: Thu Feb 01st 2018
Time: 6:00pm
Duration: 50min
Location: McIntyre

Shared Practice with the Bantam Bears...1/2 ice

Dec 05 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Tim. Turcotte 1 0 0 1
Custom Concrete Werewolves « 0 6 4 10
Goal Scorers: Liam Vallier (03:42 in 2nd), Connor Chenier (04:31 in 2nd), Ethan Martel (06:40 in 2nd), Connor Chenier (07:38 in 2nd), Justin Kim (08:24 in 2nd), Ethan Martel (09:38 in 2nd), Blake Picard (04:32 in 3rd), Blake Picard (09:18 in 3rd), Justin Kim (09:57 in 3rd), Liam Vallier (11:39 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Maverick Caririere (W)

Coming Up

Sun Dec 16th 2018 1:00pm
Game at Porc. Eagles
at Barn
Mon Dec 17th 2018 8:00pm
Game at Tim. Berthier
at Mountjoy
Wed Dec 19th 2018 8:00pm
Game at Schu. Storm
at McIntyre
Sun Dec 23rd 2018 11:00am
Open Practice
at McIntyre
Sat Jan 05th 2019 4:00pm
Game at Tim. Midget Ravens
at Barn
Mon Jan 07th 2019 8:00pm
Game vs Schu. Nailers
at Mountjoy
Mon Jan 14th 2019 8:00pm
Game vs Tim. Turcotte
at Mountjoy

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