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Summer Team Pool Party Planning

Posted by: Robert MacDonald on Mon May 08th 2017 2:52pm
Pool Party
Pool Party

Hey Atom AA families!

Party planning has begun! Chris Newman, Rochelle Mortimore, and I are the Social Committee members for the team. This will be our third year of working on this committee together. Thankfully, we like each other...& look forward to planning fun activities for the girls, their siblings & all of you this year. If you have any ideas you'd like us to consider for events or gifts for the team, we are open to suggestions.

The first function will be a TEAM POOL PARTY on SATURDAY JUNE 24th at 3pm. A HUGE thanks to Kirstine and Geoff Lyons for offering to host the party!

Please RSVP to pjclayton@rogers.com, as soon as possible, and include the number of people in your family who plan to attend. Once we’ve heard from everyone, we will send out a list for the potluck. Please, let us know if there is a specific app, salad or dessert you'd like to bring, otherwise, we will assign everyone something. Also, please let us know if there are any allergies we need to consider. Lastly, we ask that coaching staff refrain from wearing banana hammocks to the party, for the children's sake. Once seen, it can't be unseen!

We’re really looking forward to getting everyone together & getting the party started!!
Have a great day!
Jenn Clayton
(Chris & Rochelle)

Sponsorship Blitz

Posted by: Robert MacDonald on Thu May 04th 2017 11:43am
Sponsorship Blitz
Sponsorship Blitz

Hi everyone,

As part of our team funding, we’re looking for sponsors that are willing to support the team by sponsoring us for the upcoming season. Sponsorship is extremely important to the teams budget because it minimizes the dependency on fund raising. We need everyone’s help on this task. There is a ton of minor hockey teams in the market so the quicker we attack this the better chances we will have at landing sponsors.
The easiest way to do this is to find team level sponsors. Think about family, friends, colleagues or neighbors that may own a business or have influence in how the company they work for supports youth sports.

Sponsors will receive their name on a sponsor bar beneath the jersey numbers. We’ll also acknowledge them on our team website, team emails and on a canvas/poster sign that will be displayed at all games. I’m also committed to looking for any other opportunities we can provide to recognize their support and happy to discuss ideas they may have too.

If we can’t find a team level sponsor for the game jerseys, we’ll move to individual player sponsorships for both the home and away jersey of one or two players.
Thanks in advance for everyone’s efforts on this task. If you strike a deal please let me know as soon as possible.

Good luck!


Jersey designs

Posted by: Robert MacDonald on Tue May 02nd 2017 11:37am
Jersey Designs
Jersey Designs

New jersey designs

Team Fitting

Posted by: Robert MacDonald on Sun Apr 30th 2017 3:58pm
Team Fitting
Team Fitting

Team Fitting May 1 @ 5pm
Play it Again Sports Whitby

Mandatory Items
-Warm up jacket
-Warm up pants
-Warm up under shirt (Blue)

Welcome to the Whitby Wolves Atom AA Website

Posted by: Robert MacDonald on Sun Apr 30th 2017 6:38pm

Welcome to the Whitby Wolves Atom AA Website

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