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Graciano Da Ponte

Graciano Da Ponte


How long have you been playing ball hockey?: Coaching ball hockey teams since 2001.
What is your most memorable ball hockey moment?: Winning 1st YCBHL playoff championship in 2009.
What is your least memorable ball hockey moment?: Losing 1-game Provincial Qualifier in summer 2010.
What is your most embarrassing ball hockey moment?: Fall 2012 (team didn't sit out like I wanted).
What is the weakest part of your game?: Too soft on players, knowing who's up next.
What is the strongest part of your game?: Drawing up plays, yelling out instructions

Bio: Graciano started coaching in summer 2001, when he requested the opportunity to be behind the bench of whichever team his brother was placed on. In his opinion, as long as he was there, every kid would get equal playing time. Da Ponte had seen many coaches show preferential treamtent to certain players and wanted to ensure that it didn't happen on his brother's team. As the years passed, Da Ponte began developing friendships with some of the players and recruiting them to join the team in the following year.

In 2005, Da Ponte was selected to coach the Bantam All-Star team in the Metro Cup & the Provincials. Unfortunately, the line-up was thin on talent and Da Ponte did his best to squeeze every bit of effort out of his players, but they were no match for the likes of Penetang & Belleville. In 2006, he assembled a team that lost only 1 game enroute to winning the Bantam division championship.

The team changed significantly after it's 1st season of Men's League hockey (Winter 2008/09). Gone were the Smash Bros. & in were the Maple crew. Da Ponte continued to tinker with the line-up throughout 2009 until he settled down with a group that won the 2009 Fall Playoff championship.

Since then, they have won 2 Regular Season titles & 1 Playoff championship (all in the summer), but have lost both 1-game qualifiers for the All-Ontario's. Nonetheless, they have gone to the Provincials twice as a qualifier.

Last Game Result: Jun 11 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
Canadian Jokers 2 0 0 2
YC 1 1 0 2
Goal Scorers: Michael Petruccelli (07:00 in 1st), Chris Defina (10:07 in 2nd)
Goaltender: Chris D'Ascanio (T)

Coming Up

Tue Jun 18th 2019 9:00pm
Game vs Knights
at Pinepoint Arena
Tue Jun 25th 2019 9:00pm
Game at Gladiators
at Pinepoint Arena
Wed Jun 26th 2019 6:45pm
Game vs Greenwood Knights
at Rinx

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