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Zombie Party gets blanked by the Teabaggers

Posted by: Yen Le on Mon Apr 12th 2010 12:54am
Ruben after the fight.
Ruben after the fight.

Game Pictures by the lovely Diane!

Zombie Party are now 1-2-0 after yesterday's late night battle against the number one Teabaggers.

The game was a very physical and interesting game to say the least. As hard as Zombie Party tried to get anything going for them last night, nothing was working and so they ended up losing 9-0.

However late in the third, Ruben took it upon himself to get the Team going by successfully winning a bout against a person twice his size! For that:

Game Puck : #92 Ruben Jaimes - for attempting to rally our team by winning a fight against a person twice his size!

In other news, the Zombie Party Forum is up and running!

Zombie Party defeats Chiefs!

Posted by: Yen Le on Wed Apr 07th 2010 3:55am

Led by Paul Vossler, who had two goals tonight, Zombie Party defeats Chiefs 3-2 for their first win of the season.

The first period was played very evenly by the two teams until Mark Lemus found the puck and chipped it forward to Paul Vossler who took it into the slot to put Zombie Party up on the board first.

In the second we saw many chances from both teams however the Chiefs was the only team that could capitalize on a powerplay mistake for a shorthanded goal.

The pace and physicality of the game picked up in the 3rd as we saw more defense while at the same time more goals. Kevin Tang passed the puck to Paul who once again took it down for his 2nd goal of the night. To follow that Scott, Yen, and Albert worked some passing from one end to the other to get Scott his first goal of the season. Now 3-1, Zombie Party got a little lazy on defense and the Chiefs managed to slip one goal past Andrew at the end of the period. However that was not enough to win as the time ran out, Zombie Party walked away with their first win of the season.

Game Puck: #9 Paul Vossler - Great offensive effort tonight, he scored 2 of the 3 goals! Congrats Paul, the new stick and skate must of help you out!

Zombie Party Loses Season Opener.

Posted by: Yen Le on Tue Mar 23rd 2010 9:52pm
Goalie #2 Andrew Tutor before the game.
Goalie #2 Andrew Tutor before the game.

Zombie Party loses their first game ever against former upper division team, the Puck Hawgs. It was a very well played game by both teams but the Puck Hawgs' time advantage on possession of the puck defeated the younger Zombie Party Team.

Even though the score says 2-6 L, that does not reflect how well Zombie Party played tonight. All the skaters played both O and D, while Andrew Tutor was solid in net.

Game Puck: #5 Mark Lemus! Great job stepping it up a notch! He played very well on offense and even came back to help out on defense. Not only that, he got the first goal ever for Zombie Party! Congrats Mark!

Game Pictures taken by the Beautiful and Lovely Diane Penafiel! Thanks!

*The times of Goals/Assists & PIMs are not accurate*

Last Game Result: Sep 07 2010

Team 1 2 3 F
Puck Hawgs 1 0 2 3
Zombie Party « 2 2 3 7
Goal Scorers: Damon Hayes (06:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (09:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 2nd), Manny Krakowiak (12:00 in 2nd), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 3rd), Yen Le (07:00 in 3rd), Mike Quigley (12:00 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Andrew Tutor (W)

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Playoff Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 9
Goals Mike Quigley 5
Assists 3 Players Tied 4
PIM 10 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 2
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.00

Regular Season Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 37
Goals Mike Quigley 23
Assists Paul Vossler & Yen Le 15
PIM 11 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor & Kevin Tang 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 7
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.88