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ZOMBIE PARTY PLAYOFF!!! - WED. 12/15 @ 9:35P!

Posted by: Yen Le on Thu Dec 09th 2010 4:59pm

Zombie Party finished the regular season in 3rd place, so they will face off against 2nd place, Irvine Coyotes.


Irvine Coyotes: In the first half, they were winless but turned it up in the 2nd half with a 5 game winning streak out scoring their opponents 34-14. However they did not play last week, so will there be some rust for this team? This team loves to play physical, they are made up of older men who know how to control the puck very well.

Zombie Party: The youngest of the teams in the division. After their successful championship last season, they moved up a division and Zombie Party have been able to keep up with the crowd. The young team had trouble staying out of the penalty all season, but their offensive powers have helped them out greatly. Zombie Party have been following a Win a game, lose a game trend. So if the trend continues, look for this team to move into the finals.


In their season meetings, Irvine Coyotes has a 1-0-1 record against Zombie Party. Their winning streak also started with their first win over Zombie Party. So it'll be up to Zombie Party to end their streak.

In both games, the two team have put up a great show for everyone to watch. Both teams evenly played each other out, the Irvine Coyotes was only by 1, and Zombie Party led most of the way.

This game will also mean, the whole Zombie Party team will be there. In the first game, Scott was ejected for fighting early in and the 2nd meeting, Yen was not present as he was serving his 5 game suspension. With some defense back, Zombie Party will have a better chance at the win.

Basically, in order for Zombie Party to win, they'll need to play smart, control the puck, and turn up their defense. Andrew will need a good game in net and the team will have to work as one. The offense will take care of everything else.

WEDNESDAY, December 12, 2010 @ 9:35P!

Zombie Party finishes in 3rd

Posted by: Yen Le on Thu Dec 09th 2010 4:38pm

In an effort to secure the 1st place spot for the 2nd time in two seasons in two different division, Zombie Party came up one win short as they lost to Shamwow, who came out with a 3-7 win over Zombie Party to secure the 1st place spot.

Zombie Party let one early goal in and the rest of the night, they played catch up and could not get the goals past Shamwow's red hot goalie.

Zombie Party will look to head back to their winning ways next week when they face off against the Irvine Coyotes in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Zombie Party clinches Playoff Spot!

Posted by: Yen Le on Thu Dec 02nd 2010 5:47pm

Your Zombie Party defeated Wasted Wednesday last night in a 8-5 showdown. With Andrew back in net and Goals from Mark (1), Paul (2), Mike (2), Keith (2), and Scott (1) made that possible. With this win, Zombie Party have successfully clinched a playoff spot and eliminated Wasted Wednesday from a playoff birth in the process.

Playoff Picture:

1. Shamwow - (6-2-1), 13pts - 1 game left - clinched
2. Irvine Coyotes - (5-3-2), 12 pts - -0 games left - clinched
3. Zombie Party - (5-3-1), 11 pts - 1 game left - clinched
4. SJ Sharks - (4-4-2), 10 pts - 0 games left - clinched
5. Wasted Wednesday (3-5-1), 7 pts - 1 game left - eliminated
6. Beer 52's (1-7-1), 3 pts - 1 game left - eliminated

Zombie Party will face off against Shamwow next week. If ZP wins, they will claim 1st place in Standings due to Tie-Breakers and will face off against the SJ Sharks in the first round of playoffs. If they lose or tie, they will remain in 3rd place and face the Irvine Coyotes in the first round. So it really does come down to the last game.

Join us next week December 8, 2010 @ 7:45p and see what happens!

Keith leds the way in a scorefest!

Posted by: Yen Le on Fri Nov 19th 2010 12:00am

After a week off from hockey, the team had time to rest up as they would need it since they were going up against the SJ Sharks. However before the start of the game, Zombie Party already knew they would be without Yen from the suspension and Andrew, their goalie, due to a prior commitment. But what they did not know that they would be missing, Scott, Mike, Manny, and Thomas!

Completely shorthanded with only Keith, Paul, Albert, Kevin, Damon and Mark in net, there would be enough skating time for everyone! In the end, Zombie Party came away with a 10-5 thanks to a great effort from everyone especially Keith who had 6 goals tonight!

With this win, Zombie Party improves their record to 4-3-1, however they do drop to 4th with only 2 games left to play. As we all know, only the top 4 teams make the playoffs so, these 2 remaining games will be more important than ever.

1. ShamWow - 5-2-1, 11pts with 2 games remaining
2. SJ Sharks - 4-3-2, 10pts with 1 game remaining
3. Irvine Coyotes - 4-3-2, 10pts with 1 game remaining
4. Zombie Party - 4-3-1, 9pts with 2 games remaining
5. Wasted Wednesday - 3-4-1, 7pts with 2 games remaining
6. Beer 52's - 1-6-1, 3pts with 2 games remaining/ELIMINATED

As of now, only Beer 52's have no chance of making the playoffs, while the remaining 5 teams all have an equal chance of making the playoffs. This will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Zombie Party Lose in the Final Minutes

Posted by: Yen Le on Fri Nov 12th 2010 8:57pm

Zombie Party got off the a quick start as they put on 2 quick goals to go up 2-0. The Irvine Coyotes by scoring one of their owns and then Zombie Party regained the lead. 3-1 ZP. The hungry Coyotes played hard and got 2 quick goals to tie it up. Then in the final minutes of the 3rd on a Powerplay, a defensive collapse led to a Coyotes goal which brought the game to a 3-4 lead for them. Zombie Party had a couple of nice chances towards the end but did not have nice enough chances to score. As the buzzer went off, Zombie Party walked away with a disappointing loss.

Zombie Party will take on ShamWow next week! Come out and support!

Last Game Result: Sep 07 2010

Team 1 2 3 F
Puck Hawgs 1 0 2 3
Zombie Party « 2 2 3 7
Goal Scorers: Damon Hayes (06:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (09:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 2nd), Manny Krakowiak (12:00 in 2nd), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 3rd), Yen Le (07:00 in 3rd), Mike Quigley (12:00 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Andrew Tutor (W)

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Playoff Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 9
Goals Mike Quigley 5
Assists 3 Players Tied 4
PIM 10 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 2
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.00

Regular Season Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 37
Goals Mike Quigley 23
Assists Paul Vossler & Yen Le 15
PIM 11 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor & Kevin Tang 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 7
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.88