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Posted by: Yen Le on Wed Sep 01st 2010 3:46am
ZP wins with 23 seconds left!
ZP wins with 23 seconds left!

The headline says it all, your Zombie Party are moving onto the Finals!

In a hard fought battle with Team Iceland, who just beat them last week, Zombie Party came out victorious with a well deserved 6-5 Win. This win was especially special because it was won by working as a team. For the first time this season the Full Roster was present to play and as a team each member contributed offensively and defensively to get the job done!

This game was quite an entertaining one to watch. To start the 1st, Zombie Party found themselves behind by 2 goals before Manny ripped a slapshot from the redline to bring the score to 1-2. Team Iceland would answer with a goal and put ZP behind by 2 goals once again. Scott replied with a goal of his own when he skated through 3 players off the faceoff to score to end the period 2-3.

During the intermission, ZP knew what the had to do, be patient, play hard, more shots, and more passing. That's exactly what they did in the 2nd. They shut down Team Iceland and allowed no goals while they scored 3 goals! Keith put in a pretty goal on the Powerplay. Mike followed up with a sniper 5-hole shot at the goal and Damon got a buzzer beater to bring the score to 5-3 in favor of Zombie Party.

The 3rd and final period was filled with ups and downs for both teams, the crowd on both ends went crazy for every shot, check, and save. It was great to see an electrified crowd! Team Iceland scored a goal to bring them within one goal after a poor play on behalf of ZP. To make things more exciting, Team Iceland scored with 40 seconds on the clock to tie the game! With a time out called by Team Iceland, ZP discussed their plans and sent out Manny, Mike, Keith and Albert. The four played absolutely amazing as they took their time and controlled the puck to set up the play. 30 seconds, both teams still fighting for the puck, 25 seconds, ZP recovers the puck Albert sends it in to Manny, 24 seconds Manny fires a backhand, 23 seconds GOAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! The Zombie Party bench and crowd went crazy! The 949 was as loud as ever! With only 23 seconds left, the 4 clutch players stayed out and kept the puck away from Andrew and soon before you know it the crowd was counting down... 5...4...3...2...1...0... ZOMBIE PARTY WINS ZOMBIE PARTY WINS ZOMBIE PARTY WINS!!!

With that we would like to thank the Fans that came out to watch and support us in a hard fought game! Please be sure to be back next week and bring your friends as we take on the #2 seed Puck Hawgs in the Finals!

Photos taken by the Lovely Diane - CLICK HERE

Check back for date and time for the Finals!


Posted by: Yen Le on Tue Aug 31st 2010 11:15pm

In only their 2nd season, your Zombie Party have qualified for the first time ever!

This season, 949 decided to split our Division up into 2 Division. Teams seeded 1-4 will be in the Upper Division Playoffs while the 5-8 teams will play in the Lower Division Playoffs. Your Zombie Party finished first and will be playing in the Upper Division Playoffs!

Your Number 1 Seed Zombie Party will be taking on Number 4 Seed Team Iceland Tuesday August 31st, 2010 @ 9:35p!!!

This will be the 3rd time Zombie Party faces Team Iceland this season. If you guys remember Zombie Party lost to this team last week by a score of 6-9 and during week 5, Zombie Party came away with a 11-8 victory. With last week's game fresh in the Zombie Party's Head, they'll be looking to get revenge on the team that ended their undefeated streak and eliminate them from the playoffs!

Come Join us! See you there, it's going to be a good one!

Playoff Preview ends in a Loss

Posted by: Yen Le on Thu Aug 26th 2010 12:55am
ZP couldn't stay out of Penalty Trouble
ZP couldn't stay out of Penalty Trouble

This game served great for a wake up call to Zombie Party. Last Tuesday, Zombie Party took on Team Iceland, who will also be their opponent for the first round of the playoffs, so this game served as Playoff Preview.

Zombie Party to start off the night was without any pucks during the warmup and without two of their regulars, Albert Lee & Scott Smith. Things got off to a slow start for Zombie Party and they never seemed to be able to catch up with their playoff opponents. Zombie Party managed to tie up the game at 5 a piece early in the 3rd, but was unable to maintain their momentum and left the night with a 6-9 Loss. Also with that loss, the undefeated streak for Zombie Party came to an end at 9 wins.

Even though it was not the way Zombie Party imagined their regular season to end, Zombie Party have nothing to be ashamed of! They end the regular season in 1st place with an amazing record of 9-1-0 and will be going into the playoffs with the highest seed!

With this game over, Zombie Party will prepare to take on this very same team next week when the playoff starts. Thanks to this game, Zombie Party will know what to expect and will be prepared to show Team Iceland the true potential and playing power of the Zombie Party Team!

With the schedule already out, your #1 seed Zombie Party will be taking on #4 seed Team Iceland in a do-or-die playoff match with the winner advancing to the finals. With that said, all games become a must-win and even though one streak was ended last Tuesday, a new streak will begin next Tuesday for Zombie Party!

Pictures by the Lovely Diane - CLICK HERE

Zombie Party Stands Alone on Top

Posted by: Yen Le on Wed Aug 18th 2010 10:31pm
ZP Celebrate after a Pretty Goal
ZP Celebrate after a Pretty Goal

After last night 10-2 win over The Chiefs and the Puck Hawgs loss, Zombie Party stands alone in 1st place and have clinched the 1st place spot with 1 game left to go.

Last Night, your Zombie Party played a very good game against the Chiefs. Zombie Party controlled the puck and play for most of the night and came out victorious with a 10-2 victory. This victory marks their 9th win in a row and improves their record to a Season, Division, Historical best 9-0-0!

With one game left to go against Team Iceland, who currently is 4th, it looks like this game will be a preview of the first round playoff match! So Zombie Party should treat this game as if it were a playoff game itself! Zombies of the Zombie Party Nation, please come out and support your undefeated Zombie Party as they take on Team Iceland to try and finish the season a perfect 10-0-0!

Puck drops at 9:35p, this Tuesday, August 24, 2010!!!

Game Pictures by the Lovely Diane CLICK HERE


Posted by: Yen Le on Sun Aug 15th 2010 11:59pm
Paul & Mark battle the Chiefs!
Paul & Mark battle the Chiefs!

With only ONE Scheduled game left your Zombie Party are undefeated! Lets keep playing hard and finish the regular season perfect! Join us as we take on one of our favorite Division Opponent, the Chiefs at 10:30pm this Tuesday, August 17, 2010!

Stats have been lost for most of the games, so I could only recreate what was available on the 949 website (we all know how accurate their stats are) and Game Photos (awesome accuracy!). But yes, Penalty minutes are eliminated and Goals & Assists might be missing. I did the best I could.

NEW GAME PHOTOS by the Lovely Diane

07.27.10 - ZP vs Mad Dogs - 13-3 Win

08.03.10 - ZP vs Cold Draft Picks - 8-5 Win

08.10.10 - ZP vs The Troopers - 7-6 Win

Last Game Result: Sep 07 2010

Team 1 2 3 F
Puck Hawgs 1 0 2 3
Zombie Party « 2 2 3 7
Goal Scorers: Damon Hayes (06:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (09:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 2nd), Manny Krakowiak (12:00 in 2nd), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 3rd), Yen Le (07:00 in 3rd), Mike Quigley (12:00 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Andrew Tutor (W)

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Playoff Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 9
Goals Mike Quigley 5
Assists 3 Players Tied 4
PIM 10 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 2
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.00

Regular Season Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 37
Goals Mike Quigley 23
Assists Paul Vossler & Yen Le 15
PIM 11 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor & Kevin Tang 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 7
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.88