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New Game Photos!

Posted by: Yen Le on Sun Aug 01st 2010 9:27am

Sorry for the delay, but I'm back and here's some game photos that have not been posted up on this site yet! -- Also, the game stats, standings, and player stats will be updated shortly! Sorry for the inconvenience.

06.29.10 - ZP vs The Chiefs - 13-8 Win

07.03.10 - ZP vs Puck Hawgs - 9-2 Win

07.10.10 - ZP vs Team Iceland - 11-8 Win

Zombie Party pushing for a perfect season

Posted by: Mark Lemus on Mon Jul 19th 2010 11:23pm

Zombie Party is 4-0-0 this season. Tomorrow night we continue our conquest.


Posted by: Mark Lemus on Wed Jun 30th 2010 10:26pm

just a reminder for any of the team reading to pay your fees ASAP. Let's get it out of the way so we can focus 100% on our games. Thanks guys.


Posted by: Mark Lemus on Wed Jun 30th 2010 10:23pm

Zombie Party remains undefeated after facing off against the Chiefs last night. Zombie Party came away with a 13-8 win.

We welcomed back Andrew back as goalie after missing the first game. Keith also played his first game for Zombie Party.

Hopes are high and the team is looking better than ever as Zombie Party pushes to make a perfect season.

Zombie Party vs Chiefs Tonight!!!

Posted by: Yen Le on Tue Jun 29th 2010 4:17am

Join us tonight as your Zombie Party takes on the Chiefs in Irvine at 9:50pm!

Last Game Result: Sep 07 2010

Team 1 2 3 F
Puck Hawgs 1 0 2 3
Zombie Party « 2 2 3 7
Goal Scorers: Damon Hayes (06:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (09:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 2nd), Manny Krakowiak (12:00 in 2nd), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 3rd), Yen Le (07:00 in 3rd), Mike Quigley (12:00 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Andrew Tutor (W)

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Playoff Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 9
Goals Mike Quigley 5
Assists 3 Players Tied 4
PIM 10 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 2
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.00

Regular Season Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 37
Goals Mike Quigley 23
Assists Paul Vossler & Yen Le 15
PIM 11 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor & Kevin Tang 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 7
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.88