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Zombie Party played hard, but not hard enough.

Posted by: Yen Le on Mon May 17th 2010 11:26pm
Welcome back Ruben!
Welcome back Ruben!

...that's what she said.


In a rematch of two teams who do not like each other one bit at all, the Teabaggers came away with 4-7 win over Zombie Party, but not without a fight.

Not literally of course, a physical and "high scoring" game is what I meant. In the first, Teabaggers got on the board immediately but Mark silenced the Teabagger crowd when he went up for a shot and picked up his rebound with a backhand to put it into the net for a goal! Shortly after the goal, in an attempt to stop a breakaway, Yen got called for a tripping penalty and was sent to the box, the Teabaggers would score on the Power Play and put them up 1-2. In response, Paul was able to score a goal when he passed him the puck for a one-timer making it 2-2. An unlucky bounce or deflection from the Teabaggers got passed Andrew to end the period 2-3 Teabaggers.

In the 2nd, more physicality by both team was picked up resulting in penalties for both teams and another Teabagger Power Play Goal. 2-4. Another goal was scored by the Teabaggers and it quickly became 2-5. Ruben responded by scoring his first goal of the season when he put it passed the Teabagger goalie to make it 3-5. Now within the the period would end with both teams continuing to play physical.

By the 3rd, both teams were really hating each other, both played more physically and more penalties were called. Resulting in another Power Play goal from the Teabaggers, 3-6. Kevin Tang was able to put in goal when he received a sweet pass from Paul to bring Zombie Party back within 2 again, 4-6. With a late period goal from the Teabaggers, they would wrap up the game with a 4-7 win over Zombie Party.

As a team, Zombie Party played very well keeping up with a much better, bigger, and stronger team than them. Improving on the 0-9 defeat from last time, Zombie Party was happy to have came out with 4 goals.

However, with this loss tonight, Zombie Party falls behind the Chiefs into 5th place, which is out of the Playoff Position. If Zombie Party wants to make it to the Playoffs this year they will have to continue start playing twice as hard and prove to everyone else that our Zombie Party deserves to win that last playoff position.

GAME PUCK : #92 Ruben Jamies - for playing great defense and scoring his first goal of the season!

Zombie Party/Chiefs 2 Game Forecast:
ZP wins 0/2, Chiefs wins 0/2 = No Playoffs
ZP wins 0/2, Chiefs wins 1/2 = No Playoffs
ZP wins 0/2, Chiefs wins 2/2 = No Playoffs
ZP wins 1/2, Chiefs wins 0/2 = Playoffs
ZP wins 1/2, Chiefs wins 1/2 = No Playoffs
ZP wins 1/2, Chiefs wins 2/2 = No Playoffs
ZP wins 2/2, Chiefs wins 0/2 = Playoffs
ZP wins 2/2, Chiefs wins 1/2 = Playoffs
ZP wins 2/2, Chiefs wins 2/2 = No Playoffs

League News:

With 2 Games Left:

Pirates(15 pts) and Teabaggers(14 pts) have clinched their playoff spots, the two are just playing for 1st seed.

Puck Hawgs(7 pts), Chiefs(6 pts), Zombie Party(5 pts) are still fighting for the last 2 playoffs spots.

Ninjas(1 pt) have been eliminated from the playoffs with a close 4-5 loss to the Chiefs tonight.

Last game of the Season ZP vs Pirates have been moved from 8:40p to 6:50p!

Zombie Party Underestimates the Chiefs

Posted by: Yen Le on Tue May 11th 2010 3:48am
Even Paul's Hattrick was Not Enough!
Even Paul's Hattrick was Not Enough!


Just like the title says, Zombie Party underestimated the Chiefs tonight and found themselves in a 0-3 hole after the first and never recovered.

Zombie Party managed to score enough goals to get within one, however the Chiefs kept pressing and continued extend their lead throughout the night and walked away with a 5-6 win.

In what turned out to be a disappointing game and total melt down as team for Zombie Party, they look to recover to their recent competitive form when they take on the Teabaggers next week at 10:40p. In their previous meeting the Teabaggers blanked Zombie Party 0-9, will the outcome be the same? With the playoffs quickly approaching and after a disappointing loss, Zombie Party finds themselves in a situation where every last game counts if they want to make it into the playoffs. Come out and support!

Game Puck : #9 Paul Vossler - great individual effort getting a hattrick!

League News:

With 3 games left, the Pirates(13pts) & Teabaggers(12pts) have clinched a playoff spot.

While the Puck Hawgs(7pts), Zombie Party(5pts), Chiefs(4pts), The Ninjas(1pt) are all still in the running for the last 2 playoff spots.

Zombie Party walks away with a tie!

Posted by: Yen Le on Wed May 05th 2010 3:17pm
#8 Kevin Tang handles puck up the rink
#8 Kevin Tang handles puck up the rink

After an exciting game the Zombie Party Nation was looking forward to tonight's game against the Puck Hawgs. Before the start of the game, we would like to welcome back Ruben from his suspension and thank Derek for stepping up and playing in his spot!

Zombie Party was fortunate enough to have a special guest coach as well! Dakota Eveland, who just finished up a season in the minors with the Omaha Lancers, came home last week and came out to coach us tonight!

In the first, Zombie Party got the scoring started when Yen and Albert worked the puck up to a streaking Damon. He got on a breakaway and was one on one with the Puck Hawgs Goalie. He faked a shot and went to his left and scored with the goalie completely out of his net! 1-0 ZP! Minutes later, Yen would commit an interference penalty and the Puck Hawgs would capitalize on it, 1-1 all. However answering back was ZP's top goal getter, Paul, who took it in for his 6th goal of the season ending the 1st, 2-1 Zombie Party!

With more forechecking by the forwards, in the 2nd, Mark was able to get the Defense to cough up a puck to Kevin who shot it and picked up his own rebound for a goal! 3-1 Zombie Party! Minutes later, Puck Hawgs would answer and end the period 3-2 Zombie Party!

In the 3rd was where things got a little big weird, more people were slipping and more pucks were being intercepted. Driving hard to the net, Scott would put it in for his 4th goal of the season! 4-2 Zombie Party! Unluckily, Albert would get called for a high sticking call, and again, the Puck Hawgs scored on the powerplay to bring the game within 1! With the goalie pulled, Puck Hawgs had a 5-4, and just like all night when they were up a man they scored with a little over a minute left to tie the game up. With a couple of close calls and chances, the period ended and both team would walk away with a tie!

Even though Zombie Party loss what was a 2 goal lead and eventually tied the Puck Hawgs. This tie was a sign of improvement by the team as a whole! The last time these two teams faced off, the Puck Hawgs walked away with a 2-6 win! So not bad for a young team! With every game, we improve!

Game Puck : #8 Kevin Tang for scoring a goal and stepping it up on defensive! Good Job Kevin!


In other League News:
Pirates clinched a playoff spot with a 7-3 victory over the Chiefs.

ZP's Perfect Power Play not enough to beat Pirates!

Posted by: Yen Le on Sat Apr 24th 2010 10:36pm
ZP's Power Play was 4 for 4 Tonight!
ZP's Power Play was 4 for 4 Tonight!

With the full moon out, it seemed fitting the Zombies were going to be out partying tonight, and they were! They even brought along a big crowd to cheer them on tonight! Biggest and best crowd ever! Derek was called up to play once again as Ruben was serving his last game of suspension. Ruben instead acted as our coach for tonight's game. Onto the game, the showdown between the #1 Pirates, experience and skilled team vs the #4 Zombie Party, youth and speed was set.

In the first, the Pirates got the scoring started with a sloppy wrap around goal that bounced off of Andrew's pads, 0-1 Pirates. In response, Christian's forecheck was rewarded when he stole the puck away from a Pirate Defender and went into score a goal, his 2nd of the season and made the score 1-1 all. Quickly after, the Pirates came rushing in and made another sloppy goal, Andrew actually made the save and somehow the puck trickled in for a goal, 1-2 Pirates. Just like before, Zombie Party answered back quickly when Birthday Boy, Scott took the puck in and toe dragged it to beat the goalie, his 3rd of the season and made the game 2-2 all. However, Pirates would again answer quickly with a goal of their own beating Andrew by a rebound ending the period 2-3 Pirates.

After the 1st, the young Zombie Party built confidence in knowing that they can keep up with the #1 Pirates, so they kept attacking but with many missed chances and a couple of great saves by the Pirates goalie and our own Andrew, the score was the same until the Pirates committed a penalty. With that, Zombie Party set up a perfect diamond, Yen passed it to Kevin who took his time and took it in to make the pass to Scott who found a wide open Paul opposite of the net for Zombie Party's first ever Power Play Goal and tied the game at 3 a piece. But again, the Pirates would score a goal quickly, and again the goal was an unlucky bounce into the net ending the period 3-4 Pirates.

Early in the third the Pirates committed another penalty putting Zombie Party on another Power Play. While on the Power Play they would again commit a penalty putting Zombie Party up on a 4 vs 2 Power Play for a good 1:30. Zombie Party worked the puck around and was rewarded when Yen made a quick pass to Albert who took a slapper from the point to score his 2nd goal of the season, and the 2nd power play goal of the game and tying it at 4-4. With about 40 seconds left over from the Power Play, Scott would take a slapshot with a screen in front but missing, however Paul picked up the rebound to make a shot, also missing but creating a nice rebound for Yen who back handed it into the net to put Zombie Party up 5-4 with their 3rd Power Play Goal of the Game! With another Pirate penalty, Zombie Party converted for their 4th Power Play goal of the night when Paul put it the net after a pass from Yen, 6-4 Zombie Party. With a tired Power Play line, Zombie Party! However, instead of playing Defense first, Zombie Party was hungry for more goals, big mistake that cost Zombie Party 2 goals and making the game even again at 6 a piece. With about a minute left in the game, Scott was called for an unintentional high stick putting Zombie Party on the kill for the first time tonight. However, a costly mistake by Yen when he left a cherry picker wide open who received the pass and made a lucky tip past Andrew's five-hole for the eventual game winning goal. And with that, Zombie Party takes their 3rd loss of the season against the Undefeated Pirates with a score of 6-7.

Even though it was last minute loss, Zombie Party played with great heart, teamwork and passion. With this game, it's clearly shown that this team has improved and evolved into a real team! With the 1st half of the season behind them, Zombie Party will be looking forward to a prosperous 2nd half if this game was any indication of how well they will perform!

I would personally like to thank the giant crowd that made it out to tonight's game! Thank You! You gave us strength with every cheer and chant! Thank you for putting a smile on all of our faces!

Game Puck: #9 Paul Vossler - For putting up two Power Play goals and an assist! Great job Paul!

Game Pictures HERE! THANKS DIANE!!!

Zombie Party's Teamwork Earns Them a Win!

Posted by: Yen Le on Sun Apr 18th 2010 2:27am
#17 Derek Rhyne handles the puck
#17 Derek Rhyne handles the puck

CLICK HERE for the Game Pictures, taken by the almost killed by Scott and still lovely, Diane!

The Schedule has been updated for the rest of the season!

A Late Night Battle with Division Rivals, The Ninja ends with a win for Zombie Party! Without one of their top defensemen, Ruben Jaimes, Zombie Party called up Derek Rhyne to play.

In the first, Zombie Party started the scoring with a Goal from Scott assisted by Yen and then a couple minutes later Scott would return the favor by assisting Yen on a Goal. Zombie Party continued to play hard and was rewarded with another Goal when Paul was helped out by Damon.

In the second, both teams started to pick up the pace and play more of a defensive game, but Zombie Party managed to put up another goal! A pass from Paul to Albert who one timed it to Kevin for him to put it in the net! Andrew continued to play well stopping all the pucks!

Could a shut-out be in stored for Andrew, nope! Sorry but two bad bounces in a row lead to 2 Ninjas Goals in one minute. Zombie Party started to settled down and played more defensively and as a team, with passing and talking. With a last minute effort the Ninjas pulled their goalie to try to tie up the game, but with strong forechecking from our team, and out of no where, who else but the birthday boy, Damon passed the puck to Chris who scored on the empty net.

A great game by Zombie Party, one in which the played as a team with great communication and passing, they pick up their 2nd win of the season and move them back into a tie for 3rd place!

Game Puck : #2 Andrew Tutor - For a great night in the net! Saves after saves!

Last Game Result: Sep 07 2010

Team 1 2 3 F
Puck Hawgs 1 0 2 3
Zombie Party « 2 2 3 7
Goal Scorers: Damon Hayes (06:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (09:00 in 1st), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 2nd), Manny Krakowiak (12:00 in 2nd), Mike Quigley (03:00 in 3rd), Yen Le (07:00 in 3rd), Mike Quigley (12:00 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Andrew Tutor (W)

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Playoff Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 9
Goals Mike Quigley 5
Assists 3 Players Tied 4
PIM 10 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 2
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.00

Regular Season Leaders

Points Mike Quigley 37
Goals Mike Quigley 23
Assists Paul Vossler & Yen Le 15
PIM 11 Players Tied 0
SO Andrew Tutor & Kevin Tang 0
Wins Andrew Tutor 7
GAA Andrew Tutor 4.88